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Overcoming the #1 Leadership Fear

I have learned that fear expresses itself in many ways. The most common fear is indecisiveness and the only solution to indecisiveness is clarity. There will always be unknowns, but indecisiveness magnifies fear and doubt. However, fear and doubt magically disappear once there is firm resolve to create a strategic plan for your future irrespective…

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Step Into Your Future With Life Confidence!

The world makes a way for the man who knows where he is going. – Ralph Waldo Emerson You must see where you are going in your future before it arrives. Knowing where you are going in life produces confidence. You are on a journey to your destiny. You are traveling down the road to…

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What is Life Confidence?

How important is it to you to maximize the remaining days of your life? If you would have asked me this question when I was 16, I would have replied, “I don’t care about the rest of my life! I care about today! I am going to live by my favorite song by Prince, I…

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