Martijn Van Tilborgh driving his new Maserati while recording a video about 83K Academy and America’s #1 Confidence Coach

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You still have time to enroll in 83K Academy… but not much. Our first mentoring session begins soon and you have some things you’ll have to get together to be ready to hit the road running.

We’ve had quite a few people enroll so far… but I didn’t see your name in there yet.

I thought maybe you were still on the fence.

I’ve got to thinking.!?

You’ve heard me talk about how much of an awesome opportunity this is to be mentored and trained by me plus being able to use all my coaching systems and writing technics… but maybe you’re wondering what type of results you’ll get from 83K Academy. What my return of investment!?

Here are just a few 83K Academy students talking about their experiences and how 83KA has drastically changed their lives and finances…

I love this fist video because Martijn is driving his new Maserati down the highway while recording this video. He came from another country to America with NO MONEY and NO CONNECTIONS and has built a multimillion dollar consulting, coaching, speaking and writing company.


You Can Build a MultiMillion Dollar Expert Empire with the Right Mentor and MAP Even if You Don’t have a “Big Name” in 83K Academy

Look, this is not just another boring training program or “$5 mastermind” where you get pumped full of rah rah motivational talk once a day…

83K Academy is a personal and business investment, because I make the investment in giving you the TOOLS and TACTICAL information that you can take away and instantly plug into your new business, and your life.

I will be teaching you the skills & lessons that I’ve learned while running real speaking, coaching and informational businesses for the last 20+ years…without starting with a “big name.”

You’ll learn from my WINS and LOSES, so when you face tough situations, you’ll know exactly how to CONFIDENTLY power thru them!

I am also connecting you with other like-minded successful Kingdom entrepreneurs and business-leaders.  You’ll have access to a network of amazing people that you can go to when you’re in a tight spot and need help.

If you’re serious about transitioning into this 500 Billion Dollar business and want to excel in every area of your life & make a greater impact…

Enroll now before it closes!

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PS – Did you have any questions I could answer for you about the 83K Academy? If so… Just fire back and ask away. I will get you the answers. You can email me personally at: [email protected]

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PSSS – You can also get credits in this training through Destiny College Online. Visit our graduate level leadership training courses here: Destiny College Online