Confidence is in Your Hand!

My favorite scripture in the Bible is Hebrews 10:35, “Therefore, do not cast away your confidence; It will bring you a great reward.” 

Confidence is in your hand. You can hold onto it or you can chose to let it go, it’s up to you. However, your decision is going to determine if you experience the abundant rewards life has to offer or the meager misfortune of an unrewarded and unmotivated lifestyle. 

We all have tremendous potential. Scientists in human potential have estimated that most people are only operating at 2% of their greatest potential. Each of us has the ability to put our unique human potential into action and to acquire a desired result. But the one thing that determines the level of our potential, produces the intensity of our activity, and predicts the quality of the result we receive is our CONFIDENCE. 

Confidence determines how much of the future we are allowed to see, create, and eventually manifest. It decides the size of our dreams and influences our degree of persistence and determination when we are faced with new challenges. Confidence decides our wealth, health, and the quality of our relationships. 

No other person on earth has dominion or control over your confidence levels. People can affect your confidence by saying negative things, teaching you poor thinking habits, or unintentionally misinforming you, but no one can control your confidence levels unless you voluntarily surrender that control. 

No one else “makes you fearful or doubtful.” You make yourself fearful, insecure, or doubtful when you surrender control of your confidence. What someone else may have said or done is totally irrelevant! 

You choose; not they. They merely put your CONFIDENCE to a test. They are trying to steal something that doesn’t belong to them. If you chose to let go, if you select fear, uncertainty, and doubt, then you have failed the test. You have allowed them to rip you off of the fantastic future God has for you. 

If you condemn yourself by believing that you are unworthy, then again, you have failed the test. If you care at all about yourself, then you must accept 100% responsibility for your own thinking patterns and your own feelings. You must learn to guard against those negative thoughts and feelings that have the capacity to lead your confidence down the wrong path, and to strengthen those thoughts and feelings that can lead you confidently into a better future. 

If you want to receive the REWARDS the future holds in trust for you, then you must exercise the most important choice given to you by God as members of the human race by maintaining total dominion over your THOUGHTS and CONFIDENCE levels. 

Your confidence is an asset, a treasure of great value that must be protected accordingly. When you have high confidence levels, you can do the remarkable. 

CONFIDENCE is the fuel of CHANGE! 

When you recognize your personal power and unique gifts, you can CHANGE anything for yourself that you wish to change. If you don’t like how something is going for you, change it. If something isn’t enough, change it. If something doesn’t suit you; change it. If something doesn’t please you, change it. You don’t ever have to be the same after today. If you don’t like your present address, change it—you’re not a tree! 

Being confident is an essential prerequisite for success and happiness. Confidence is one of the fundamentals of the ABUNDANT LIFE. That is why you must constantly examine your thoughts and feelings about your role in the world and about your possibilities for achieving your dreams. 

It is your emotional nature that governs most of your daily conduct in your personal and business world. It is the emotional aspect of your experiences that determines our behavior. 

How you feel about life’s events is a powerful force that can either freeze you in our tracks or inspire you to take immediate action on any given day. With confidence, human beings can move mountains. With fear, doubt, and uncertainty, they can be crushed by the smallest grain of sand. 

My Conclusion… 


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