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  • Confidence Coaching Experience

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    Would You:

    Be earning more money?
    Have more quality friends?
    Be closer to the top of your career ladder?
    Own the home of your dreams?
    Open that business you’ve thought about?
    Be happier and more content?
    Be making a bigger difference?
    Be living life more fully?

    When activated, confidence is always at work helping you in a positive way in everything you do. Confidence is either working for you or fear, doubt, and uncertainty are working against you—undermining your true potential.

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  • Confidence University


    Over the last 25 years, Dr. Keith Johnson has personally coached thousands of elite achievers toward fulfilling their God-given destiny.

    Here’s what we know to be true. There are three pillars that contribute to the foundation of your success. Missing any one of these, pushes your potential just out of reach.

    Pillar #1 is Confidence. Hebrews 10:35 says, “…do not toss your confidence away, in it is great reward.” You need to know how to develop, keep and give away confidence, because confidence is the currency for your journey.

    Pillar #2 is Leadership. Leadership is the ability to get others to buy into your vision for the future and make it happen. People are truly the shortcut to your success.

    Pillar #3 is Living Wealthy. What is your plan to create and multiply wealth? Average is a failing formula. Follow the exact plan Dr. J has implemented to create a wealthy lifestyle for not only himself, but many of his closest clients as well.

    Discover a world-class training system to catapult you into your destiny. Are you ready?

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  • Wealthy Writers Weekend

    Surveys show 81% of individuals have a book they want to write. But did you know that average AUTHORS only sell 250 copies of their book? Filmed during a two-day event, Amazon Best-Selling Author Dr. Keith Johnson and marketing architect Martijn van Tilborgh coached a room full of aspiring authors, just like you, through the process of putting your pain to paper and PROFITING from your passion. Today, it has become one of our most POPULAR digital resources.

    If you’ve ever wondered: Why should I write? How do I actually finish my book? What’s the most profitable way to publish? Who will buy my book? Can I turn this into a speaking career? This is the RESOURCE you’ve been waiting for!

    If you’re ready to write your way to MILLIONS, we will show you how!

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  • Dr. J’s Confidence for Living Wealthy MasterClass

    What do you think of when you hear the word WEALTH? If you only think MONEY, you’re missing FIVE major pieces of the equation. Mastering wealth is about MAXIMIZING potential in Six Confidences or areas of your life.

    In fact, the KEY to wealth isn’t a key at all. It’s an entire COMBINATION!

    This 5-week MasterClass takes the principles revealed in the Confidence for Living Wealthy book and COACHES you through a process to unlock and ACCESS all God has prepared for you.

    Ready to MASTER and MAXIMIZE your life’s potential? This MasterClass was designed just for you!

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Confidence is the catalyst to creating the results you want in life.

My LIFE CONFIDENCE EBook is designed to help you jump-start that process. Simply submit the form below to receive your copy along with your FREE coaching video. ($250 Value)