“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson

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What Is A Leader – Improve Your Leadership Skills

Ask forty different people, “What is leadership?” You will probably get forty different answers. As a leadership expert, I thought it was important for me to come up with a standard definition for leader or leadership. I found there was no concise, universally accepted definition of a leader. In an effort to narrow the definition, I discovered there are many different facets of a leader; like a diamond, every time we turn it, we discover something different.


Acronyms help me remember principles. So in the following, each letter in the word leadership reveals an attribute. Throughout the remaining chapters, we will examine what this acronym tells us about leadership.

L —Leads E —Empowers A —Attitude D —Destiny E —Excellence R —Relationships S —Security H —Humility I —Insight P —Passion

Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity (1 Timothy 4:12 NKJV).

Being Out In Front As A Leader

To lead simply means to be out front. We are living in a day when there is a vacuum in leadership. When there is a lack of leaders in the world, something or someone will rush in and take up the space and fill the void. The current church focus on developing professional churchgoers rather than leaders has created a vacuum making it easy for the ungodly to move in and take over positions in every aspect of society. When there is a lack of godly leadership, people will follow anybody who is willing to get out in front. We need to realize our mistake of not developing leaders in our churches who work in the marketplace—and we need to implement a solution.

Improve Your Self In The Market Place

We have good examples about how to behave in a church setting. Our challenge is to improve our example of behaving in the marketplace. When Christian leaders display poor examples, we limit our level of impact, influence, and income. When the religious leaders in a community fail to be exemplary, the people in the culture lose trust in the voices of that community. Trust is the most important and powerful tool we have in our arsenal for effective leadership. If people lose trust in us, we lose the ear of our culture and ultimately our ability to lead. The Bible contains stories of people’s lives who produced both good and bad results. Wasn’t God brilliant? We can learn from their good and bad examples, from both their failures and successes. Join us as we continue this journey onto our next video in this series. How To Live Up To Your Potential Please leave us a comment below, if you found this post useful in anyway!

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