Confidence Maximizes Your Potential

Confidence Maximizes Your Potential

“Confidence is like a helpful virus spreading throughout your body. If you have it, it will infect everything you do in a positive way. If you don’t, it will undermine everything you do.”

—Dr. David Niven, psychologist and best-selling author

Confidence is the fuel that empowers your natural talents and causes you to perform at your maximum potential. It propels your ability to perform forward like the rocket boosters sending the space shuttle into orbit. Confidence is the force that launches your abilities to unlimited possibilities. Having a high level of confidence will open doors to success,  happiness, and peace of mind. However, self-doubt and insecurity will destroy or limit your natural talents, causing you to operate far below your potential. The hidden secret to becoming more successful than you are now is to improve and strengthen the abilities, talents, and strengths you already possess by boosting your confidence.



Confidence is the power switch that empowers you to perform at your maximum potential.

Scientists in the field of human potential have estimated that we use as little as ten percent of our abilities.1 This means that 90 percent of your capabilities may be lying dormant and wasted. It is sad to think that some people are only using a small portion of their abilities and talents because they lack the confidence needed to perform at their full potential. You have no idea how much talent and potential you really possess. It is time you stop allowing self-doubt and insecurity to destroy and limit your potential. What do you think you could accomplish if you could operate at 20 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent or even 90 percent of your abilities and talents? Without a doubt, the sky is the limit! I remember the day I discovered the reality that I have much more potential than I ever imagined. I was invited to train with my track coach for the Boston Marathon. My track coach was the best marathon runner in the tri-states (Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan). When I met him at the park, I discovered that we would be jogging ten miles that day. I had never jogged more than two miles a day in my entire life. I responded by saying, “I will never be able to go ten miles with you today.” My coach confidently said, “Sure you can! You are the best runner on the team.” His words gave me the confidence I needed to start the training period. The first two miles I was able to stay stride for stride with my coach. However, at the two-mile mark he decided to increase his speed. I said, “Hey! Why are you going so fast?” He said, “I was just warming up the first two miles. It is time to pick up the pace.” Instantly I thought, “Just warming up? I’m almost finished!” In an effort to impress my coach I forced myself to stay up with him. However, I continued to tell myself, “I can’t do this, I will never make it.” My coach kept increasing my confidence by saying, “Stay up with me! You can do it! You have the potential to be one of the best runners in this region!” To my surprise, I completed the third mile, the forth mile, the fifth mile, and the sixth mile. At the seventh mile marker an amazing thing happened to me. Something seemed to kick in—a sudden boost of energy. Keeping the pace now seemed effortless and I had the confidence to believe that I could finish the course. For the first time in my life I completed a ten-mile run, and afterward I was so energized with confidence I felt like I could run another ten miles. 


You possess more potential to be successful than you realize.

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said, “Far too many people have no idea of what they can do because all they have been told is what they can’t do.” My coach told me from the beginning what I could do. Therefore, I was able to accomplish something that I had never done before. When people say you can’t do something respond to these confidence shakers by asking, “Why not?” You possess more potential to be a success in life than you realize!

Just imagine what you could accomplish if you had the confidence to support your natural abilities and true potential. What would your life be like? Where would you be today? I can guarantee you would be a lot further along in life.

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