“Confidence is the bridge between where you are and where you want to go. Don’t be casual about your
confidence or you will become a casualty on the road to your destiny.” – Dr. Keith Johnson

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How To Grow Your Church – Church Growth

The LQ Academy for Senior Pastors Reach your potential by increasing your Leadership Intelligence and learn how to grow a church.

Grow Your Church: Spiritually, Numerically, and Financially!

Senior Pastor, we are dedicated to helping you reach your potential by honing your leadership skills. The LQ Academy provides you with the spiritual and practical principles for personal and organizational transformation through introductory LQ weekend experiences, leadership coaching programs, and a full array of educational resources to help you. • Dream greater and more significant dreams about your future. • Properly structure your church so you can work less yet accomplish more. • Improve your LQ enabling you to manage and lead a church more effectively. • Exponentially increase your membership and new member assimilation. • Increase your financials in any economic climate. • Influence more people to become involved in your ministry. • Develop more committed followers of Christ. • Encourage people to a higher level of excellence. • Focus your team’s attitude for greater productivity and success. • Function daily with less pressure and stress. • Attract higher quality leaders to your church. • Identify what is keeping your church from growing the way God desires. • Identify the #1 barrier holding back your church (it’s not what you think!). • Remove the barriers (it’s not as hard as you’ve been led to believe). • Build systems to prevent facing the barriers again. • And much more. This is your chance to break away from the 98% herd of churches in America and become part of the top 2%. You may have made some leadership mistakes in the past, but when you increase your LQ…you will be a hero in the eyes of your family, followers, and other local pastors—and a good and faithful servant to the Lord by simply learning how to grow a church. Click Here How To Free Up Your Time to see the next video in this series. What did you think of this video? Please leave us a comment below!

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