The Difference

What is the difference between winning and losing, riches and poverty, and leaders and followers? What is the difference between those who perform at their best and win, and those who perform and lose? What is the difference between those who have millions in the bank and those who do not even have a bank account because they have no money to put in it?

What is the difference between the person who was raised in the best family atmosphere, but ends up with no job and the person who is raised in poverty and in an abusive home, like me, yet is able to travel the world, write books, and help millions of people unleash their potential?

The difference comes down to a person’s ability to maximize their internal and external communication that empowers them to maintain a peak confidence state and take action to produce the results they want in life.

Communication is the major force for empowering you to be at your best. Other than writing, there are two types of communication:

  • Internal – Inner self-talk in your mind.
  • External – Words you say verbally out loud.

Words can move masses of people in a single direction to achieve incredible dreams. The current U.S. president, Barak Obama, by far is one of the most gifted “large audience” communicators we have seen in the 21st century. He used his skill to influence Americans to vote for him in the primary election over Hillary Clinton and then over John McCain in the general election. Mandela used his communication skills to motivate the South African people to cast their votes to put him in office. Over three decades before, John F. Kennedy’s words persuaded the American people to invest in putting a man on the moon.

How you communicate internally and externally is a tool you can use to always be at your peak day in and day out. Just as these leaders were able to move the masses with their communication skills to make a decision, so can you use your skills to move you toward living every day at your peak so that you will always perform at your best in every circumstance, challenge, and situation that arises. 

Confidence coaching solution:

Communication can be a force to move individuals, organizations, and nations in both positive and negative directions.

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Living at Your Peak Every Day

I often travel to South Africa. One of South Africa’s favorite heroes is Nelson Mandela. But depending who you talk to, some South Africans think he is the greatest leader in history of the world and others think he is not even worth mentioning. However, one thing nobody can deny is his remarkable rise from being a prisoner on Robben Island to becoming the president of the entire country.

Richard Stengel, Time Magazine editor and author of Mandela’s Way: Lessons of Life, traveled with him almost every day for three years. In the book’s first chapter, “Courage is not the Absence of Fear,” he reveals one of Mandela’s key lessons of life: One had to put up a front. Sometimes it is only through putting up a brave front that you discover true courage. Sometimes the front is courage.[1]

He concludes the chapter with this great statement:

Mandela’s highest praise for someone he considered courageous is, “He did very well.” By that he does not mean that the fellow was a dramatic hero or that he risked his life in a great endeavor, but that, day in and day out, he remained steady under trying circumstances. That, day in and day out, he resisted giving in to fear and anxiety. All of us are capable of that kind of bravery—and fortunately, that is the only bravery most of us are called on to demonstrate.[2] 

Each new day presents us with new opportunities, challenges, problems to solve, and people to encounter. When these “life issues” present themselves, you want to be at your best. How can I always perform, speak, lead, behave, sell, or whatever you do in life at your best?

[1]Richard Stengel, Mandela’s Way (London: Virgin Books 2010), 32.

[2]Ibid., 34-35.



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The Confidence to Live at Your Peak

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction

in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable. —Coach John Wooden 

John Wooden and his legendary UCLA dynasty won ten NCAA championships in 12 years, including 88 straight games and four perfect seasons. He was also named coach of the century by ESPN. In his book, Wooden on Leadership, he writes of the key principle that he learned from his father, which he emphasized during his coaching career.

What he said about success—“winning the race”—was uncommon for his time and even more uncommon today. His words are the core of my philosophy of leadership, perhaps the single most important concept I’ve learned and taught over the years. “Sons,” he would tell my three brothers and me, “don’t worry about whether you’re better than somebody else, but never cease trying to be the best you can become. You have control over that; the other you don’t.” Time spent comparing myself to others, he cautioned, was time wasted. This is a tough lesson to learn when you’re young, even tougher when you grow up. “Johnny, work hard to get as good as you can get,” he’d say. “Do that and you may call yourself a success. Do less and you’ve fallen short.” I did my best to follow dad’s advice. 

So, say to yourself…I want to reinvent my life, explode my business, and skyrocket my income. Therefore, I must always push myself to become my personal best. Now, I know from personal experience how very easily I can be deceived by my own exaggerated opinion of myself. I have a tendency to believe my own headlines. I often find myself thinking I am doing my best. But I must always ask myself this self-coaching question, Can I better my best? The answer is always, Yes, I can better my best. This is the true attitude for ambition that is defined as “the desire to be the best at what I do” in the dictionary. In my seminars, I often say, “I can teach you the tools for success, but you must have a personal ambition to succeed.”

I want to become the best that I can be. What about you? Compete with yourself by becoming your best; then compete against yourself and compare only against yourself. 

Confidence coaching solution:

Focus on becoming your personal best instead of wasting your time comparing and competing.

I watched an interview with the Shaquille O’Neal. When asked about being a role model for kids he said, “I don’t want to be a role model because then you are playing a role like an actor. I want to be a real model. I am a real person who makes mistakes but I am working at getting better. I want people to see a real model and say I want to be better than Shaq.” Put a picture on the wall of somebody you admire and keep saying, “I’m going to be better than that person.” So, that person becomes a confidence solution example to inspire you to become better than you are.

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Dr. Johnson has influenced millions through his books, speaking appearances, television interviews, training seminars, and coaching programs. With an ever-increasing workload demanding more and more commitment from fewer and fewer available hours, Keith made the decision to select a group of professionals from the best of the best and invite them to spend a full week on a step-by-step journey through his Life Coaching Certification Academy. The graduates from this elite group will then be invited to participate with him in bringing about the level of change he knows is possible in churches and marketplaces of the world.

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Dr. Keith Johnson

America’s #1 Confidence Coach

Live the Life of Your Dreams!

Without a doubt, I am living the life of my dreams. I am such a happy and blessed man. I want everybody on the earth to enjoy this kind of abundant life.

10 honest reasons why I love being a speaker, coach, author, and online marketer:

  1. I am used by God to transform thousands of people’s lives every year.
  2. I fly all over the world.
  3. I get to speak in exotic places such as Hawaii, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Spain, Bali, Singapore, Paris, and the list goes on.
  4. I eat at great restaurants worldwide (I’d be 20 pounds lighter if they didn’t spoil me so much).
  5. I stand on stages and tell my story and confidence-building principles and see people’s hearts being healed, depression leaving, people laughing at my silly jokes or funny faces, hopeless people being inspired to go for their dreams again—and I enjoy the moment when the little “light bulb” goes off in their heads as they discover how to really change and improve their lives.
  6. I meet beautiful people at my products table as they purchase my books and coaching packages (I sign each book and take time to learn about them).
  7. I coach and influence pastors and marketplace leaders behind the scenes and see them transform and watch as their stress is reduced and their organizations start growing again by implementing my strategies.
  8. Every day I get to read encouraging letters, emails, texts, and posts about how my messages, coaching programs, and products have changed people’s lives around the world.
  9. I make my own daily schedule. I don’t have to drive to my office (most of the time I work while sitting by my pool).
  10. And at the end of the day, people pay me to do what I love—COACH, SPEAK, TRAIN, AND WRITE books.


How to Build a 6-Figure Plus Speaking, Coaching, and Consulting Business by America’s #1 Confidence Coach

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