The Success Triangle

When you start looking and listening for the word confidence, you will be amazed how often the word is used in our daily vocabulary. Sports announcers use the word confidence to describe an athlete’s impressive performance. Businesses create television commercials that build the customer’s confidence in their services or products. Motivational speakers and training coaches talk about the need for confidence. Pastors use the word to encourage their parishioners.

The word confidence appears over 100 times in different translations throughout the Holy Bible. Dr. Mike Murdock wrote, “Achievers are confident. They believe against all odds that they will win and succeed. The entire 11th chapter of Hebrews heralds the great achievers in Biblical history. Interestingly, two Greek words for faith denote traits of the confident achiever.”

In Genesis, the very first book of the Old Testament, you will discover Adam had a supreme level of self-confidence. When God brought all the animals before Adam to name, Adam did not doubt his ability to give each animal a specific name. What a huge challenge! There are millions of different species of animals on the earth. Go ahead, try it yourself. Start naming some animals and see how many you can name. What caused Adam to accomplish such an incredible task? It was Adam’s supreme level of confidence in his own abilities that caused him to perform at his full potential. He had no outside voices (or inside voices) telling him that he could not do it. Did you know an ant can carry 50 times its body weight? Why? Because the ant has never had an outside voice telling it that it could not do it. Did you know that it is a scientific fact that the bumblebee is NOT supposed to be able to fly? Its body is too big and its wings are too small to support its own weight. However, nobody ever told the bumblebee that it could’t fly. So guess what—it flies! If my guess is right, you have not been as fortunate as Adam, the ant, or the bumblebee. You have been told your dream is too big and your abilities and finances are too small. Don’t you think that it is time for you to stop allowing those outside and inside voices to kill your dreams and potential?


God + (You + Confidence) + Other People

= You Can Accomplish Anything.

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Successful christian entrepreneurs can radically improve the world on multiple fronts — they help grow the economy, inspire innovation, create companies that elevate everyone involved, and can in a significant way financially support the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

If making a difference in this way sounds appealing to you, you just might have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. But here’s a secret: to be a successful entrepreneur you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

To start your own business, you need specific disciplines that are practiced by all entrepreneurs and self-made business millionaires.

One of the fastest ways to develop these disciplines is to think like an entrepreneur. And perhaps the two most important habits you can develop are those of speed and flexibility.

  1. Speed – To move quickly on opportunities or problems.

Large companies tend to move slowly, but entrepreneurs have the advantage of speed. In today’s busy world that always seems to be filled with unnecessary but time-consuming tasks, time can be more valuable than gold. The faster you can make decisions, adjust strategies, get to market… the greater the edge you’ll have in whatever market you enter.

  1. Flexibility – To try again and again. Then be willing to try something else.

Most things that you try in business will not succeed the first time or even the second or third time. As Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” So, while all your plans may fall through in some way, keep planning and attempting new endeavors because experience can be your best teacher.

There are seven more habits that all entrepreneurs regularly work on.

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They think in terms of:

  1. Increasing Productivity– Look for ways to do more with less and to get more out at a lower cost.
  1. Customer Satisfaction– What has to happen for your customers to be so happy with you that they buy again and tell their friends?
  1. Profitability– Many businesses focus too much on the top line and gross sales, rather than on the bottom line and net profits.
  1. Quality– Customers only buy a product or service because they feel that it is of higher quality in some way than other competitors.
  1. People Building– All productivity, profitability, sales, and fulfillment come from your people. Your ability to select them and then to motivate and inspire them is essential for your success.
  1. Organizational Development– Constantly look for ways to organize and reorganize your business so that it functions more efficiently and effectively in getting the results you desire.
  1. Continuous Innovation– Fully 80% of products and services being sold today will be obsolete within five years or less. Develop and produce product and service innovations as a regular part of your business.

Again, after decades of personal experience and coaching, I’ve discovered that it is up to you to carefully examine your strengths and dedicate yourself to learning if you want this rewarding career path.

The Confidence Builder

For the last three years I have had the pleasure of speaking in Garden Grove, California. While I am there, I enjoy taking a tour of the magnificent Crystal Cathedral pastored by the television personality, Dr. Robert Schuller. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area I recommend that you take the tour of this magnificent facility. I always leave dreaming and thinking bigger about my future. In Pastor Schuller’s book, Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking, he tells a story about an incident that changed his life as a young boy. It occurred when his uncle became a voice of confidence in his life:

“His car drove past the unpainted barn and stopped in a cloud of summer dust at our front gate. I ran barefooted across the splintery porch and saw my uncle Henry bound out of the car. He was tall, very handsome, and terribly alive with energy. After many years overseas in China, he was visiting our Iowa farm. He ran up to the old gate and put both of his big hands on my four-year-old shoulders. He smiled widely, ruffled my uncombed hair, and said, “Well! I guess you’re Robert! I think you are going to be a preacher someday.” That night I prayed secretly, ‘And dear God, make me a preacher when I grow up!’ I believed that God made me a POSSIBILITY THINKER then and there.” Everyone wants and loves to be encouraged. However, finding a confidence-building relationship today is a scarce commodity. Do you have an uncle, coach, mentor, or anyone for that matter, who is a voice of confidence in your life? If not, I want to be that constant voice of confidence in your life.

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Four Powerful Things Will Happen in Your Life

A personal life coach is like the fairy godmother in the story of Cinderella. The fairy godmother saw through the rags, the dirt, and the current status of Cinderella, and saw what Cinderella was capable of becoming. When everyone else saw an ugly little peasant girl, the fairy godmother saw a princess. That’s what a life coach will do for you. People may perceive you as a loser. However, your life coach will pull out the true, confident champion that is residing within.

“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action.” —Orison Swett Marden, prolific author of success and motivational books

Four Powerful Things Will Happen in Your Life When You Allow Someone to be Your Personal Life Coach

  1. You will maximize your true potential and increase your confidence.
  2. You will accelerate your destiny causing you to go faster and farther than you ever thought, hoped, or dreamed.
  3. You become empowered to produce results more quickly.
  4. You become the “best” that you can be.


Who is a Life Coach?

Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest men who ever lived. He was an American industrialist. He employed 43 millionaires at the height of his success. When asked how he made millionaires, Carnegie talked about mining for gold. “You develop people the same way you mine gold. To mine gold, one digs several tons of dirt to get an ounce of gold. But one does not go into the mine looking for dirt. One goes in looking for gold.”

You have gold inside of you! Your real potential has not been uncovered yet! You have special and unique gifts, talents, and abilities lying dormant within. A piece of gold is worthless lying deep in the earth’s crust. Your life coach or mentor will bring that gold to the surface. He or she will draw those beautiful nuggets out of you to show to and share with the world.


  • A person who cares about you and your life performance.
  • A coach who holds regular one-on-one telephone coaching sessions with you, partnering with you to help you achieve your dreams.
  • Someone who takes time to listen and help guide you in making adjustments in your personal life.
  • A person who helps create solutions to the problems you deal with in everyday life.
  • A mentor who prevents you from measuring or comparing yourself to those around you.
  • One who evaluates your performance based on your strengths, capabilities, and potential—not on your personal performance.
  • A “voice of encouragement” empowering you with the confidence to believe in yourself.
  • A teacher who educates you. Excellent life coaches are teachers.
  • Someone who provides a sense of accountability.
  • Everyone works harder and does better when someone is watching and evaluating them.
  • A person who will empower you with the necessary tools to move one step closer to your goals so that you can achieve your dream and become the person you are striving to be.