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Unleash the Lion Within

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Unleash the Lion Within is a new transformational system designed to give you the tools you need to quickly change your life from the inside out. You will discover proven ways to boost your confidence so you can live a happy life, earn more money, improve your health, maximize your potential, develop new relationships, lose weight, and produce the new results that you always wanted.

This system includes ten hours of instruction, each session illustrated with a Power Point Presentation. It comes with a Teacher’s Manual and Student Outlines. The information is powerful and will help you achieve success.

This Life-Changing Package Includes:

  • Ten Hours of Audio Training Sessions (MP3 files on CD-downloadable to your iPod or hand-held device)
  • Ten Hours of Video Training Sessions
  • Corresponding Power Point Presentations
  • Teachers Manual on DVD-ROM
  • Student Outlines on DVD-ROM
  • The Confidence Makeover Book on DVD-ROM

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The Confidence Coaching System

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Keith knows firsthand what it is like to reach rock bottom as far as confidence is concerned.

He created confidence-building strategies because he felt the pain of failure, fear, and self-doubt, and wanted to rise above the problems to become successful. His bumpy road to becoming America’s Confidence Coach first began when he flunked kindergarten because his teacher said he was a slow learner. Believing what he was told hindered his ability to read and write. By the age of 23 he had not read an entire book.

Keith realized that his lack of confidence had to be overcome and he set in place key principles that brought him business success, helped him earn college degrees, and not only read books, but write them as well. Now he coaches thousands of people worldwide about how to fill their lives with success and confidence.

“I created the Online Confidence Coaching program because I know firsthand how self-doubt, insecurities, and fear can destroy a person’s confidence. The pain of my abusive childhood and the disappointment of some life failures kept me from becoming the confident person I was destined to be.

“It was easy to use my damaging past life experiences as excuses to blame, shut down, and live in hopelessness rather than having the confidence to change and grow so I could create the fantastic life I desired.

“I am now convinced, though, that the pains of the past have a purpose when we see them as teaching tools rather than excuses.

“This Online Confidence Coaching Course takes you by the hand for 30 days, guides you through an inner and outer revolution, and shows you how to use your disappointments and heartaches as CATALYSTS to reinvent yourself, recreate your life, and become the person you have always wanted to be.” —Keith Johnson

 Maximize your confidence in only 30 days so you can: 

If you had more confidence would you:

      • Experience outrageous success in life.
      • Increase your happiness
      • Double your income.
      • How To Get ConfidenceFall in love with yourself.
        Quickly change bad habits.
        Speed up your destiny.
        Create the amazing success you deserve!
        Already have that pay raise you’ve earned?
        Have more friends?
        Be reaching the top of your career ladder?
        Be married to the person you’ve been dating?
        Own the home of your dreams?
        Have started the business you’ve thought about?
        Be happier and more content?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. The answer is YES!

It’s time for a change!

Dr. Keith Johnson, the world’s leading confidence expert, has created the Premier Confidence Coaching System just for you. You can begin the 30-day Confidence Makeover Coaching System today and see your life change immediately.
These incredible tools will radically change your life!


Life Coach Training Tools


This Incredible INTERNET ONLY One-Time Special Offer Includes:

The Confidence Makeover Paperback Book
The Confidence Makeover empowers you to become a confident and successful person by recognizing your inner strengths and talents. Dr. Keith Johnson coaches you through a 30-day journey designed to reveal your potential and boost your best qualities. Drawing on the secrets of successful people, he shares easy-to-understand strategies that will maximize performance in every area of your life.

30 Days of Confidence Building Audio CDs
Repetition is the key to learning. These valuable CDs recap what you’ve learned, washing over your mind with valuable transformational truths. No matter what you have been through, you can reset your mind-set and begin again. Fears, insecurities, and self-doubt are all learned feelings and behaviors. If you can learn them, you can also unlearn them. Yes, you can reprogram your mind to think like a confident champion.

The Confidence Makeover Journal
Designing your life for maximum success requires a personal touch. This 30-day journal will not give you all the answers, but will ask you all the right questions that you must ask yourself in order to change your life. This journal is a day-by-day, step-by-step coaching process that will help you discover who you really are, identify and let go of your childhood hurts, discover your dream and purpose, write your goals, and so much more.

The 20-Minute Confidence Boost CD
Spend the first 20 minutes of your day with the world’s leading confidence coach as he speaks positive, uplifting, and confidence-building statements about you and your outrageous potential for success in life. Studies have shown that listening to positive and uplifting messages the first 20 minutes of your day can increase your productivity up to 37%. Other information shows that for every 10 minutes of negativity spoken directly to you, you will need to hear up to 100 minutes of positive words to erase the residue of the negative words from your subconscious. It’s time to reprogram your mind and change your destiny today!

5 Deadly Myths About Change Book & CD
Don’t be deceived about these five common misconceptions about change. The deadly myths will slow you down and hinder your transformation. Recognizing and ridding yourself of them will empower you for lasting change.

10 Habits of Highly Confident People
This combination of materials, including a training module, book, and CD, will inspire you to follow in the footsteps of successful men and women. The success of your future is hidden in your daily habits. You do not determine your future; you determine your daily habits. Your daily habits ultimately determine your future. Confident people have developed confident habits. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally.

The Top 10 Confidence Robbers
This training module, book, and CD teaches you what things to guard yourself against. This motivational teaching will help you identify the top 10 intruders and destroy them before they destroy your confidence and your success in life.

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Stop Dreaming and Start Writing

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85 % of the population has a desire to write a book. What about you?

Do you have a dream of writing a book?  There is a Bestselling Book Hidden Inside of YOU!!! Dr. Keith Johnson will show you how to take your dream of writing a bestselling book and make it a reality.

Dr. Keith Johnson spent time learning how to be a best selling author from two of the most successful authors of the 21 century, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen (best selling coauthors of Chicken Soup for the Soul).

You will learn how Dr. Johnson went from facing 32 rejections from book publishers… to having the next two book publishers fighting over the rights to publish his Confidence Makeover book.

Dr. Keith Johnson will show you how to take your dream of writing a best selling book and make it a reality. You will receive valuable information in this boot-camp that has taken Dr. Johnson over ten years to learn and has cost him thousands of dollars in books, seminars, and private coaching sessions.

Here are just a few secrets Dr. Keith will reveal in this informative bootcamp
  • How to take your “mess” and write a “message.
  • How you can become a multimillionaire selling information
  • 7 reasons why you need to write a book
  • How to unleash the creative power in you
  • How to make your book stand out in the crowd
  • How to create an outstanding title
  • How to use your book to get radio and television interviews
  • How to create a book from a great speech
  • How to self-publish a book in 90 days
  • The “ins” and “outs” of obtaining an agent and publisher
  • How to create an E-book to sell on the internet
  • How to get a publisher to accept your book
  • How to market your book to become a bestseller
  • How to raise the money you need to publish your book
  • How Rick Warren made millions of dollars with the publication of the Purpose Driven Life.
  • And so much more
You will learn some technical “inside secretes” for writing and publishing your first book:
  • How to take a great sermon series and create a great book.
  • How to use the right software to make publishing your book easy.
  • How to Copywrite your material without paying a lawyer big bucks.
  • How to get an ISBN number.
  • How to find an editor and a good graphic artist.
  • How to get your book listed on the #1 book selling sight on the internet.
  • How to get your book considered for the largest book club in America.
  • How to create a website and an E-book to sell on the internet while you sleep.
  • How to take charge cards with no monthly expenses.
  • How to raise all the money you need to publish your next book with no money out of your own pocket.
Book Writers Package Includes:
  • Teachers Manual – This comes on a CD as an E-book you can print from your computer.
  • Student Manual – This comes on a CD as an E-book you can print from your computer.
  • 7 Cd’s recorded live at the conference including a special question and answer time.

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Leaders of Destiny Program

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Every leader, organization, and team faces obstacles and negativity while trying to achieve their goals and objectives.

Unfortunately, negativity costs organizations $300 billion dollars a year and too often sabotages individual and team performance and success.

The answer to this problem is not found in “motivation” or “rhetoric” but rather in implementing a strategic planning process that creates a positive work environment, develops positive and engaged leaders, and a positive and unified team.

Just as in sports, the right game plan and execution make all the difference between winning and losing. Based on the principles from Dr. Keith Johnson’s book, Leaders of Destiny–The Art of Turning Dreams into Reality, clients are guided through a proven 12-step, action-oriented process that delivers significant results.

Clients walk away from consulting engagements with a clear, compelling, and customized game plan filled with best practices and practical strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Are you at the intersection of “Where you want to be” and “Where you want to go”? If so, Leaders of Destiny will help unleash your dreams.

Why does an already very successful person need to read this book? After a level of success:

  • There are fewer people who understand you and your needs.
  • It becomes more difficult to identify credible and trusted counsel.
  • Your own dreams may scare you!

Leaders of Destiny and the Destiny Arrow consulting program empowers you to:

  • Evolve from a leader of history to a leader of destiny.
  • Maximize your leadership effectiveness.
  • Increase your leadership confidence.
  • Explore new and exciting opportunities.
  • Develop simple, clear, and compelling goals to fulfill your destiny.
  • Focus on wise time management.
  • Inspire your team for greatness.
  • Unite your team behind your vision.
  • Attract quality people to you and your organization.
  • Produce extraordinary results quickly.

The Destiny Arrow Consulting Program is the ultimate program for those who demand the most out of life. As your consultant and coach I will serve you in two primary roles:

1. Leadership Architect
I will carefully consider your dreams, desires, and goals for the future, and help you create a customized blueprint using the strategic planning arrow to turn your dreams into reality.

2. Change Strategist
Every personal dream entails different levels with consequences of change. I will help you deal with the “fear of loss” in making the necessary changes you need to make to go to the next level and beyond. I will also help you develop a detailed step-by-step change strategy.

The Leaders of Destiny Consulting Program includes:

Instruction—You will be provided step-by-step instructions and training material.

Workshops—The Strategic Planning Arrow is a great team building tool that each member of your dream team will help you create in a one-day workshop setting. This process builds ownership of your vision and puts each team member on the same track to succeed.

Consultation—You will receive guidance to sort through the fog and make your pathway crystal clear to reach your dreams and leave a lasting legacy.

Unlock your imagination and turn your outrageous dreams into reality today!

For more information call: 1-888-379-2663

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Breakthrough CD’s

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The 20-Minute Confidence Boost

Spend the first 20 minutes of your day with the world’s leading confidence coach as he speaks positive, uplifting, and confidence-building statements about you and your outrageous potential for success in life. Studies have shown that listening to positive and uplifting messages the first 20 minutes of your day can increase your productivity up to 37%. Other information shows that for every 10 minutes of negativity spoken directly to you, you will need to hear up to 100 minutes of positive words to erase the residue of the negative words from your subconscious. It’s time to reprogram your mind and change your destiny today!

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The Master Key to Accelerating Your Destiny, Unleashing Your Potential, and Doubling You Income!

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Living Big in Small Places

In order to get to a bigger place you must…Think Big, Talk Big, Act Big, Dress Big, and Give Big!

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No More Limits!

I speak to thousands of people worldwide, and I ask every crowd this question—Do you feel like you should be much further along in life by now?—no matter what the culture, politics, economic status, or ethnic background of the group. The answers shoot back to me uniformly—99 percent admit feeling that they should be accomplishing much more in life! What about you? Are you ready to move forward and live life without limits? Are you tired of being stuck in a rut leading to nowhere? Do you want to eliminate feelings that destroy, diminish, and deny your self-confidence? If so, you will want to invest in this special message today.

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Become an Expert

Learn the 7 Principles to Increasing Your Value and Income in the Marketplace

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The Confidence Solution Intensive

Christian Church CDsBUY THE SERIES $197

The Confidence Intensive is the Ultimate Program for Gaining Success in Any Area of Life.

In this series Keith Johnson shares his proven SOLUTIONS for turning your life and business around in the next year. He answers touch questions such as:

What is stopping me from going to the next level in my personal life, career, and income?
How can I really change my life to make it what I want it to be?
How can I increase financially in a negative economy?
How do I reverse the damaging cycles in my life?
How do I eliminate stress and live fully alive?
How can I double my income in a year?

12 Sessions of Live Teaching & Inspiration

Christian Leadership ToolsChristian Leadership Training CDS


The Confidence Intensive Includes The Following:

BOUNS! 2 CD-ROM Teacher Manual and Student Manual!
4 DVDS With A Total Of 12 Power Point Presentations!
4 CDS With The 12 Power Point Presentations! “For In The Car So You Can Pick Up Where You Left Off”


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